Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 One a Day

I have been taking these prenatal pills for about a month now. My daughter was born just over a week ago and I am stopping the pills tonight. They have been very effective. My hair and nails and skin look amazing! However, I personally can’t deal with the size and smell of the pills any longer and since she’s healthy and I’m not breastfeeding – I’m done with them. Like I said – they seemed to work well and helped bring my Hemoglobin levels up before delivery. Maybe you aren’t as sensitive as I am.

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Nose Hair Trimmer

My husband and I have long been at odds about his nose and ear hair. He’s only 38 – but he has the weird facial hair of an 83 year old. He never does a very good job of plucking it and if I say anything about it, he’ll just grab his razor back up and try to shove the end of his razor up his nose. After watching him slice his nostril open really good last time, I deiced to try and find something that would clean him up quickly and easily and ordered this nose hair trimmer fro Aotearoa Beauty. The machine itself is pretty tough. The case is a good grip size and opens easily to change/install the single AA battery. There is a handy light on the end to illuminate the hairs so that none of them can hide. The best part is how fast and easily the blades spin and cut the hairs. There was little to no tugging and my husband has agreed to keep using it. I’m very thankful to have been able to review this item and end a long standing struggle.

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Baby steps.

I have been completely freaked out for the last few months after finding out that our insurance doesn’t cover autism diagnosis or treatment.  Our insurance is high quality union stuff so it really blew my mind that helping my boy wouldn’t be covered. He’s also not covered by Children’s Special Services Insurance because they don’t cover mental issues.  So I reached out in multiple directions looking for any kind of help.  My pediatrician recommended we talk to the social worker at U of M.  Turns out she doesn’t have anything to do with all that.  She just talks to people.  Sorry lady – I don’t have time to have my head shrunk.  I’m doing just as fine as can be under the circumstances and if you can’t help my kid then you can’t help me.  I had several agencies tell me to apply for Medicaid, so I did, knowing full well that we are above the income level to qualify.  I applied for this and that and had come to accept that we’d have to wait to get him any help until November when we could get him his own BCBS policy.

And THEN – the clouds parted.  I received a letter from DHS saying that Ty didn’t qualify for MiChild Insurance because he still had the Medicaid that his preemie self was issued under the disability qualification.  We never used it because we never needed it and I didn’t think it was right to use assistance if we didn’t need it.  SO I forgot about it.  But Hallelujah the feds didn’t forget about us!  The qualifying was frighfully easy. Then they told me someone would get back to me for further screening and I thought that’s it – I’ll never hear from them again.  But they called back at 9pm that night and stayed on the phone for an hour and a half getting all of our information.  The clinician told us she could get us in right away for support services but it would be a considerable wait for autism therapy.  My heart sank a little thinking 6 months to a year but then she said something that made me laugh – “Oh there’s so many people that need the services you’re gonna have to wait a good long time.  Like a month or so.” HAHAHAHAHA I wait longer than that for the pediatrician!

So we have a support services (speech, OT and respite care 😮 ) tomorrow morning.  I’m so excited to get little man moving in the right direction.


Learning from special needs

I’m lucky.  My son has autism and is what is considered special needs.  He IS pretty special in my eyes.  He teaches me patience and acceptance every day.  He teaches me that while life may not be what I expected it to be – it’s still pretty awesome.  At 4 am when he decides it’s playtime because he just can’t sleep anymore, he teaches me that sometimes – you do just have to dance.  Because if you don’t – you just won’t be able to move on to whatever it is you’re meant to do next.  He has taught me to love more deeply and more unconditionally.  His inability to say “I love you Mommy”  or even just “Mommy” has taught me to find love in everything he does.  You never realize how much having your hand held or having someone lay their head on your shoulder could possibly mean until it’s the only way they have to tell you that they love you.  Because of all he teaches me – I go into the world every day with a kinder heart.

I love this – must do!

This will be my next personal project.  The community service group I belong to has an annual formal dinner.  I always struggle with what to wear and how to stand out. This will be my solution for this year.  Super easy, super different and super me!

Check out the instructions here – Galaxy Dress

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